UL approval – BlackShields DC powered Air conditioner passed UL certification

BlackShields is glad to announce that 2 models of DC powered Cabinet Air conditioner which is customized for a US customer passed UL approval. After a lot of testing and inspection, The Underwriters Laboratories signed UL approval for the 2 models of DC air conditioner.

We are pride that the DC powered Air conditioner is equipped with a set of controller including controller, DC Compressor driver and lightning protection which is R&D by BlackShields. This means BlackShields can provide more different DC air conditioner with UL approval upon customer’s request.

BlackShields produces DC cabinet Air conditioner which is widely used in Telecom sites without power grid or using hybrid power supply.

The DC air condtioner is equipped with True DC powered compressor (no inverter) and DC fans which can adjust speed based on the cooling request in the cabinet. The power supply of the DC powered cabinet Air conditioner is -48V which can directly run by battery in the sites. The DC compressor can start softly to avoid the inrush current to damage the generator.

BlackShields provides DC powered cabinet Air conditioner (cooling capacity from 300W to 4000W) for different application.

Please contact with us for more details.

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Post time: Oct-29-2021