Plant industrial air conditioning solutions

The factory is no longer a simple superposition of production and processing departments in the traditional concept, but a comprehensive area including administration, R & D, production, storage, logistics, reception, office, restaurant, logistics, parking lot and other places. Therefore, the air circulation and comfort requirements are higher, so many factories and purification workshops will use plant industrial air conditioning, in order to solve these problems and maximize work efficiency.

The environment we live in is full of dust and bacteria. These microorganisms also have high requirements for the environment. In many microbial research centers, the purification system of plant industrial air conditioning is favored by researchers. These microorganisms are everywhere. We may not feel anything at ordinary times, but once our body has disease or pain, the bacteria in the air are likely to be fatal. However, there are many things that can only be carried out under the condition of dust-free and aseptic. For example, purification projects need to install purification air conditioners of more than 10000 levels.

1. Factory workshop central air conditioning solution: high efficiency centrifugal unit + fan coil unit

2. Advantages of factory workshop central air conditioning solution:

1. Since the plant has high requirements for refrigeration capacity, safety, reliability and energy efficiency, it is recommended to select high-efficiency centrifugal unit or screw chiller;

2. In large factories and workshops, the cooling capacity is lost quickly, and the operation cost has been very high. It is recommended to select the water cooler with low operation cost.

3. Conditions to be met by the plant central air conditioning solution:

1. The centrifugal unit covers a large area and needs to prepare a spacious environment for installation.

2. The plant shall provide a certain space for placing water-cooled cabinets, and there must be enough space for air return, and the ceiling position of cold air duct shall be provided.

Post time: Aug-02-2021