Fully understand the maintenance knowledge of central air conditioning

3 categories of central air conditioning maintenance

1. Inspection and maintenance

● carry out various routine inspections in a planned manner based on equipment operation and customer needs.

● guide the owner’s operators on site and explain the practical technologies related to unit operation and maintenance.

● provide various necessary value-added services.

● provide professional opinions and improvement plans for the problems existing in the operation of main engine and auxiliary equipment.

2 preventive maintenance

● contents provided by inspection and maintenance.

● carry out necessary preventive maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer.

● preventive maintenance includes: cleaning the copper pipe of heat exchanger, analyzing and changing the refrigeration engine oil, oil filter element, drying filter, etc.

3. Comprehensive maintenance

● the most comprehensive and thorough maintenance scheme: including all routine inspection, value-added services and emergency troubleshooting services.

● be responsible for all maintenance work and parts replacement in case of equipment failure.

● emergency maintenance: provide customers with emergency maintenance services throughout the day according to customers’ needs. The developed service network and high-quality service personnel team ensure rapid troubleshooting and the shortest downtime.

Maintenance contents of central air conditioning system

1. Maintenance of central air conditioner main unit

(1) check whether the high pressure and low pressure of the refrigerant in the refrigeration system of the air conditioning host are normal;

(2) check whether the refrigerant in the refrigeration system of the air conditioning host leaks; Whether the refrigerant needs to be supplemented;

(3) check whether the running current of the compressor is normal;

(4) check whether the compressor operates normally;

(5) check whether the working voltage of the compressor is normal;

(6) check whether the oil level and color of the compressor are normal;

(7) check whether the oil pressure and temperature of the compressor are normal;

(8) check whether the phase sequence protector of the air conditioning host is normal and whether there is phase loss;

(9) check whether the wiring terminals of the air conditioning host are loose;

(10) check whether the water flow protection switch works normally;

(11) check whether the resistance of computer board and temperature probe is normal;

(12) check whether the air switch of the air conditioner host is normal; Whether the AC contactor and thermal protector are in good condition.

2 inspection of air system

● check whether the air volume of fan coil outlet is normal

● check the return air filter screen of fan coil unit for dust accumulation

● check whether the air outlet temperature is normal

3 inspection of water system

① Check the quality of chilled water and whether the water needs to be replaced;

② Check the impurities on the filter screen in the chilled water system and clean the filter screen;

③ Check whether there is air in the water system and whether exhaust is required;

④ Check whether the outlet and return water temperature are normal;

⑤ Check whether the sound and current of the water pump are running correctly;

⑥ Check whether the valve can be opened flexibly, whether there are rust spots, leakage and other phenomena;

⑦ Check the insulation system for cracking, damage, water leakage, etc.

The refrigeration host and the whole system shall be overhauled regularly according to the maintenance procedures of the central air conditioning system; Pay attention to water quality treatment; Regularly clean the end equipment filter; The person in charge and staff of the maintenance management and operation department shall receive targeted training so that they can fully understand and be familiar with the management control and maintenance technology of heating, refrigeration, ventilation and air conditioning systems; Study the environmental requirements of the staff, provide the operation management technicians with the monthly energy loss and cost, so that the managers can pay attention to the energy consumption, formulate the energy-saving operation indicators for the next month, and make the outdoor temperature and energy consumption of the same month each year into a table for the operation management technicians’ reference. Only in this way can the central air conditioning system run in an economical, energy-saving and efficient state.

Post time: Aug-02-2021